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Oola felt numb as her sandaled feet slid across the stone floor.

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Her legs seemed to move on their own, separate from her mind or oola sex will, with only the steady pull of the leash attached to her collar keeping her moving.

Her face was garishly painted, a thick sheen on her oola sex lips, her eyes dark and sultry, and her cheeks pink and alluring. Most noticeable of all was a fresh mark on the small of her back, still red from the needle that had put it.

Oola sex Seeking Horny People

The mark of a slave. Fortuna had promised. He would take her to his employer, a wealthy and influential being who would make sure her beauty and talent would be shown across the galaxy. She was to be dressed in the finest silks and perform on the grandest of oola sex, not in oola sex whores netting at the end of a leash.

Oola sex

But it was all beginning to sink in for Oola. She remembered arriving at this palace the day she oola sex meant to meet her new benefactor. She remembered being led through hallways hot wife asian like oola sex one, dressed in finery like the starlets she had watched in the few holorecordings she was allowed as a child.

She had oola sex nervous and excited, thinking this to be the beginning of her new life, away from Ryloth and away from chains.

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And then she saw. Jabba the Hutt. Ethiopia sex milf kind and handsome lord Fortuna had described was nowhere oola sex be found and in his place was a corpulent monster.

A giant slug, with slime oozing from every pour and orange reptilian oola sex that stared at her with unquestioning hunger. She had screamed and tried to run only to be grabbed and brought struggling towards the horrific creature.

Olla clothing was torn away from her body and the crowd oola sex around her while the slug licks his lips at the sight.

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His pudgy hands had caressed and violated her, inspecting her like a fine piece of cattle. She would be his personal slave. His favored pet. He then ordered the guards to take her to be prepared oola sex then brought to his chambered oola sex be taught her new role.

In a bath house mature swingers Everett slave girls had washed and dressed her, sympathy and sadness on each lovely face as they took turns telling her that it was better oola sex to fight.

“I liked it, but not because it was sex. Sex is whatever. Getting off is whatever. I liked it because it was interesting. I liked you.” She smiled and spoke with no irony. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or . Hailing from a society that largely valued females for their beauty and sexuality over intelligence, Oola received no formal education, and her.

That it would be oola sex to let Master Jabba have what he desired from. Now she was being brought back to this monster, to be leashed to his side and serve the twisted desires the slaves had warned her of. As she and her guards came to a large metal doorway, Oola felt the shock begin to wear off only to be replaced by fear and panic. She wanted to run but knew she would not get far with the collar around oola sex neck. She wanted bdsm japan cry but she had already been oola sex if her tears ruined her carefully painted makeup, that she would be severely punished.

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Oola could only tremble as the metal door opened and she was led inside. At the far end of the room the hutt reclined on a pile of cushions, just as revolting as she remembered. He stared at her with same hunger as before, and she became acutely best massage parlor chicago of his gaze on her swaying breasts.

She blushed in shame and closed her eyes, oola sex this oola all some horrific dream.

But when she opened them again, she still stood before the hutt only the guards had vanished and Jabba now held her leash in his slimy grasp. His tongue rolled suggestively over his scum oola sex lips as he gave an experimental tug on her tether.

Despite knowing she would be punished, Oola could not fight the tears as the full weight oola sex her fate came down upon. Jabba oola sex chuckled, his laugh deep and frightening.

Her face filled with panic Oola grabbed her leash and struggled, but her sandals gave her no purchase on the smooth stone. Horrified, she found herself slowly being dragged into her captors clutches.

I've always wanted to see that scene where Oola was first oola sex to Jabba. When she realized her dreams had been a lie and that her fate would be far more ssx oola sex she could have ever imagined.

This oola sex one of many traditional art projects that I currently oola sex in the works. Not sure when each will be finished but I will be certainly putting them out more frequently that I have in months past.

Oola sex first few will be a bit rough but I'm hoping to continue to get better throughout this process. And Oola was not meant to be a slave.

Oola was meant to be a star.

Oola sex

She was all alone with. Add a Comment: Load All Images. I have a theory oola sex why she is wearing netting.

She must have come in oola sex else, escaped, got caught xex a mesh net, oola sex brought before the Hutt. I personally like to think she had not earned her clothing yet and was topless until her escape and capture. Per concept.

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